Making Democracy Work

Volunteer With the League

What can I do to help educate and inform voters in Davis?

Volunteer Jobs Available

Study issues in depth and form positions.

Take action to influence legislation.

Enroll Voters at Farmer's Market and other locations.

Write articles for the newsletter. Edit the newsletter. Assist in preparing mailings.

Assist at Forums and public meetings on issues. [Health Care Reform, Water Supply, Neighborhood Ordinances, CA Budget Reform, Privatization of Government, Education, Campaign Finance Reform]

Speak to other organizations about the LWV or other topics.

Participate in providing LWV information during Picnic Day and other local events on and off campus.

Assist with events, such as Holiday gatherings, General meetings, studies, speaker engagements.

Collaborate with other organizations.

Attend government meetings and report back to the Davis board of directors on possible actions to be taken on local league positions.

Find speakers on topics of local, state, and national interest.